Introducing the Prism Air Cooled Microcentrifuge

Prism Air Cooled MicrocentrifugeThe new Prism Air Cooled Microcentrifuge is an easy-to-use, high performance centrifuge in a great looking, compact design. A single large knob controls an easy to read LCD display that includes a very intuitive interface. Accurate setting of the speed, in RPM or G-Force, and run time is quick and easy! The Prism includes a new friction fit lid latching system that combines safety and reliability with easy operation. Read More…

Here’s some of the features you’ll find in the Prism Air Cooled Microcentrifuge:

  • Quick acceleration and deceleration
  • Easy access rotor
  • Multi-Flow air cooling technology

New Digital Orbital Shaker

New to our store is the multi-purpose Digital Orbital Shaker. This Orbital Shaker is able to track timed runs and has continuous usage and rpm settings that will give you improved test procedure repeatability. Eliminate messy spills with the slow-start motion capability and provides a gentle shaking for sensitive molecular biology and immunology applications. The Digital Orbital Shaker is value priced and built to last! Read more…

Some of the features you’ll find:

  • Soft start and low-speed settings.
  • Sturdy platform
  • Perfect for overnight or long-term study requirements
  • Intuitive Desgin

Economical Filter Pipet Tips

Perfect Barrier Pipet Tips – Aero-Guard barriers block aerosols by coalescing radioactive, chemical, or biological contaminants before they can come in contact with pipettor shafts.  Read more…

  • Barriers block aerosol/liquid cross-contamination
  • Ue finest porous plastic filter membrane available
  • Filters are free of particles, starch, and surfactants
  • Fully autoclavable, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen Free

Reload Stack

The Green Solution  –  Ecological Reload Stacks represent the most efficient and cost-effective use of plastic components yet available.  Read more…

  • Nested tips in reload stacks save more space
  • Transfer trays and hinged lids create miniracks
  • Reuse base and lids, just dispose of the trays
  • Tips fit all single and multi-channel pipettors
  • Environmentally friendly