Pipettor Stand
$45.00 (USD)
Multi-Purpose Containers
$45.00 (USD) to $125.00 (USD)
Freezer Racks
$77.00 (USD) to $113.00 (USD)
Freezer Racks
Reversible PCR Rack
$46.95 (USD)
15ml and 50ml Tube Wire Racks
$26.95 (USD)
Petri Dish Racks
$17.00 (USD) to $68.00 (USD)
80 Well Fraction Collector and Microcentrifuge Tube Rack
$34.00 (USD)
Reversible 96 Well Microtube Rack
$42.00 (USD)
3-Way Racks
$54.95 (USD)
50 well Hinged Lid Microtube Storage Boxes
$20.95 (USD)
Small Microscope Slide Boxes
$9.90 (USD)
81-Well Freezer Storage Rack
$38.00 (USD)
Kimwipe Holder
$17.00 (USD) to $26.00 (USD)
Kimwipe Holder
Storage Racks for 80-well microtube racks
$125.00 (USD)
100-Well Microtube Rack
$36.00 (USD)
100-Well Microtube Rack
Magnetized Manual Pipet Rack
$89.95 (USD)
Styrofoam Microtube Box
$41.00 (USD) to $49.00 (USD)
Acrylic Manual Pipet Rack
$120.00 (USD)
Manual Pipet Racks
$85.50 (USD)
Workstation Dispensing Bins
$61.95 (USD) to $79.00 (USD)
Workstation Dispensing Bins
Aluminum Test Tube Baskets
$20.00 (USD) to $30.00 (USD)
Aluminum Test Tube Baskets
Microtube Storage Box with “Telescoping” Lid
$20.00 (USD)
Workstation Storage Bin
$105.00 (USD)
Cardboard Freezer Boxes
$22.99 (USD) to $45.00 (USD)
Microscope Slide Boxes
$14.90 (USD)
Parafilm Sealing Film
$36.00 (USD)
Cube Rack
$40.00 (USD)
Parafilm Dispenser
$95.00 (USD)
Work2Store Expanding Storage Box
$25.00 (USD)
Dust-Free Storage Boxes
$55.00 (USD)
Parafilm ABS Dispenser
$5.95 (USD) to $42.00 (USD)
50ml single tube racks
$11.00 (USD) to $18.00 (USD)
Interlocking Four-Way Tube Racks
$36.00 (USD)
Pippettor Workstation
$90.00 (USD)
Pippettor Workstation