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Disposable Transfer Pipettes


These transfer pipets are molded from polyethylene in an integral, one-piece design. This eliminates the need for unsafe glass Pasteur pipettes and the wasted time searching for the right bulb to use. Being completely disposable, there is no danger of cross contamination so common in rubber bulb/glass pipette combinations. Controlled, reproducible drop size. These droppers are available graduated to 1ml and graduated to 3ml, with a thin stem, with a small bulb, and a mini 2.5″ length.

Many uses in all types of laboratories:

  • Can be heat sealed for sample storage
  • Ideal for dispensing all types of buffers, reagents or other solution. Useful for transferring approximate sample volumes

UP4067C - Graduated Transfer Pipette
UP4067C, Graduated Transfer Pipette

  • Length: 6.2″
  • Bulb Draw: 3.5 ml
  • Cap/ml: 5.8
  • Unit Quantity: 500

UP4069 - Thin Stem Transfer Pipette
UP4069N, Thin Stem Transfer Pipette

  • Length: 155mm
  • 25 drops/ml
  • Cap/ml: 4.5
  • Unit Quantity: 500

UP4084C - Standard Transfer Pipette
UP4084C, Standard Transfer Pipette

  • Length: 6.2″
  • Bulb Draw: 3.5 ml
  • Cap/ml: 7.0
  • Unit Quantity: 500

UP4090, Small Bulb Transfer Pipette

  • Length: 140mm
  • 21 drops/ml
  • Cap/ml: 3ml
  • Graduated to 1ml
  • Unit Quantity: 500

UP 4062 Wide Bore Transfer Pipet

UP 4062,  Wide Bore Transfer Pipette
  • Length:  125mm
  • Diameter of opening:  5.5mm inner diameter
  • Unit Quantity:  500
  • Graduated

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