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Filter Pipet Tips


These polypropylene non-wettable pipet tips with beveled ends have barriers that block aerosols by coalescing radioactive, chemical, or biological contaminants before they can come in contact with pipettor shafts.  These fully autoclavable barriers will not seal off and trap the liquid sample. This ensures maximum sample recovery. Filters are free of particles, starch, and surfactants. Available in sterile and non-sterile racks.

All tips are autoclavable and RNase, DNase, and Pyrogen Free

  • DNA/PCR Amplifications
  • Radioisotope Applications
  • Tissue Cultures
  • Infectious Disease Sample Transfers
  • Protects Your Sample From Loss
  • Eliminates Cross Contamination
  • Multi-Fit Design
  • Research Grade Beveled Tip
Cat. No.:
UP4212, UP4212P
Fits:  Pipetman P-2/P-10, Oxford, and Socorex 10ul, Eppendorf 10ul Ultra-Micro
Fits:  Costar 20ul, Labsystem/Finnpipette 50ul, Hamilton 25ul, Pipetman P-20, Rainin EDP,MLA 50 ml,  Wheaton/Socorex 50ul, Other single and multi-channel Pippetors
Fits:  Biohit, Costar, Eppendorf, Pipetman P-100, Rainin EDP, single and multi-channel Pippetors
Fits:  Biohit, Costar, Eppendorf, Pipetman P-200, Rainin EDP MLA, Finnpipette, Labnet, Oxford,Benchmate, Sealpette, Socorex, Other single and multi-channel Pippetors
Fits:  Finnpipette, Pipetman P-200, Rainin EDP single or multi-channel Pippetors
Fits:  All of the above pipettors up to 200 ul, and most single and multi-channel 300 ul pippetors
UP4210P, UP4211P
Fits:  All single and most multi-channel research-grade pipettors in the 200-1000ul volume range

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