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LN2 Freeze Screw Cap BioStor Vials


STANDARDIZE with Biostor™ Vials

The ultimate in long-term storage vials, designed to serve a broad spectrum of biotechnology requirements including collection, processing, centrifugation, transportation and storage of samples. Transparent BioStor Vials are offered in 750 µl. 1700 µl and 2000 µl sizes with conical or free-standing bases. All natural colored polypropylene vials are packaged with either natural polypropylene caps. or with any of 10 other cap colors for instant identification of contents. All styles are available in either clean bulk packs of 1,000 with separately bagged caps, or in tamper evident seal radiation sterilized RadPacks containing 10 bags of 50 vials with attached caps. Seal can be cut and then resealed with zip-lock closure.

All vials are also available in AMBER.

AMPLIFY with Biostor™ Vials Slim, 750 µl and 1700 µl conical screw cap vials are ideal for Taq/PCR procedures. Both are compatibale with temperature cycling instruments and eliminate aerosol cross-contamination associated with standard snap cap microcentrifuge tubes. Amplify with BioStorCircular 3 mm syringe port is easily pierced for radio-isotope labeling and fraction collecting. Once punctured, cap design facilitates use with round or flat Multi-Flex pipette tips.

CENTRIFUGE with Biostor™ Vials Conical 0.75 ml, 1.7 ml and 2.0 ml. BioStor Vials offer increased volume, yet fit all popular microcentrifuge rotors and heat blocks. Uniform, thick-walled construction, with rib-reinforced support collar, allows high speed centrifugation to 27,000 x G. Clear, non-wettable vials permit user to view bands in separation procedures and to recover minute sample volumes.

LN2 FREEZE with Biostor™ Vials BioStor Vials were engineered to withstand the most adverse conditions imaginable. Inert LN -grade polypropylene ensures critical sample viability at extreme temperatures ranging from  -196ºC to +121º.  Cap has full, two-turn precision thread;vial has external thread. Unique closure design ensures that tightening of screw cap will uniformly compress “O”- ring against beveled seat on tube edge. eliminating distortion and maintaining seal integrity. Deep-skirted cap with textured surface simplifies manipulation, minimizes risk of user-contamination during asceptic procedures. Vials, caps and ethylene-propylene “O”-rings are highly resistant to chemical attack; may be autoclavable in an upright position with caps loosened. Molded-in volume lines and etched writing panels on vials and caps will not crack off or dissolve when exposed to cryogenic temperatures or solvents. RNase Free, DNase Free, and Pyrogen Free

Cat. No.:  UP2237, UP2238, UP2243

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