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Macro Pipet Tips


Length:  116 mm

UP4082 – 1 to 5ml tip for use with Vista Lab, Pipetman P-5000, Oxford Benchmate, Rainin EDP2, MLA, and Socorex pipettors.

UP4083 – 1 to 5ml tip for use with, but not limited to, Finnpipette, Rainin EDP#2, and SMI pipettors.

UP4082-JS – 1 to 5ml tip for use with Biohit Proline, Eppendorf Research, Jencons Sealpette, and 3M Electronic Pipettors.

Length:  163 mm

UP4109NG – 1 to 10ml Pipet Tip for use with Pipetman P-10ml Pipettor, Eppendorf, Oxford.

All tips are natural, autoclavable polypropylene

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