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Microcentrifuge Tubes Clickseal


Bags are now puncture resistant & stand alone, with tamper evident seal. High Capacity (0.65 ml, 1.7 ml and 2.0 ml) ClickSeal microtubes are specifically designed to hold more volume than other comparable tubes yet will fit all popular microcentrifuges currently used in research. Compatible with high speeds. Will withstand G-force of over 27,000 x G. RNAse-Free, DNAse-Free, Pyrogen Free polypropylene. New easy to open/close self centering cap design allows single handed use. All sizes are designed for use in heat blocks, as well as boiling and freezing applications. Clickseal microtubes can withstand temperature ranges from – 80º to +120ºC.

  • Click Seal Design: Provides audible verification for leak proof seal and eliminates pressure induced popping of caps during incubation.
  • Graduated: Flat caps with writing surface plus secondary writing surface on side wall.
  • Target Membrane: On cap for release of pressure build up, drying down DNA, isotope labeling
  • Rainbow Pack: 5 transparent colors per unit — each color individually packed in its own bag.

Cat. No.:  UP2063, UP2064, UP2066

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