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Mini Transportable Incubator 37 ºC




ZenLab’s Portable Incubators have uses such as transporting blood samples, maintaining microbiological cultures, and water treatment research. The secure latch lid provides safer sample transportation and prevents accidental openings.

Each incubator includes a 12VDC car adapter and an AC/DC power supply cord.  As an added option, we will incorporate lightweight Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology to power this unit on battery power alone. This will be useful anywhere that a 120V or 12V power supply is not available. For longer periods of time, extra battery power can be added as a special option.

The incubator is heated only, with high temperature cut-off and high/low alarm. Six month warranty.




  • Top-opening hinged lid with latch, with durable handles for easy carrying.
  • Double wall foam insulation, seamless, exterior construction of high-density polyethylene, foamed in place, closed-cell insulation.
  • Inside, molded poly with coved floor for ease of cleaning.  ZL-30TP and ZL-55TP attached oversized drain plug allows easy cleaning.


  • Unit completely pre-wired at factory and includes a 12VDC car adapter and AC/DC power supply cord.
  • Standard, redundant high temperature over-ride.
  • Optional battery pack operation (details below)
  • Ruggedized interface panel.
  • Redundant power inlets.
Car Adapter Plug

ZL-CA Car Adapter Plug



  • Ultra-lightweight. Less than 1/4 the weight of comparable lead-acid battery.
  • Incredibly long battery life.
  • Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) are proven rugged. This is the standard type of batteries chosen for motorcycle and automobile racing due to their weight, output, and reliability.

ZL-7TP4.1"H x 9.8"W x 7.1"D9.8"H x 13.5"W x 10.3"D5 lbs, 8 oz10.4cm H x 24.9cm W x 18cm D24.9cm H x 34.3cm W x 26.2cm D2.5 kg
ZL-9TP5.2"H x 10.6"W x 7.5"D10.7"H x 13.1"W x 9.6"D4 lbs, 11 oz13.2cm H x 26.9cm W x 19.1cm D27.2cm H x 33.3cm W x 24.4cm D2.1 kg
ZL-16TP6.1"H x 12.8"W x 8.9"D12.5"H x 16.9"W x 12.3"D8 lbs, 2 oz15.5cm H x 32.5cm W x 22.6cm D31.8cm H x 42.9cm W x 31.2cm D3.7 kg
ZL-30TP10.3"H x 12.5"W x 10.5"D20"H x 21.4"W x 15.7"D15 lbs, 9 oz26.2cm H x 31.8cm W x 26.7cm D50.8cm H x 54.4cm W x 39.9cm D7.1 kg
ZL-55TP10.7"H x 24"W x 11.4"D16.4"H x 30.3"W x 17.8"D32 lbs, 1 oz27.2cm H x 61cm W x 29cm D41.7cm H x 77cm W x 45.2cm D14.5 kg
ZL-BP Battery PackN/AApprox. 3" Additional Width3 lbs, 12 ozN/AApprox. 7.6 cm Additional Width1.7 kg
ZL-PCExtra AC/DC Converter power supply for indoor use
ZL-DPAttached document pouch
ZL-CAExtra car adaptor plug

Standard Specs 
Temperature RangeAmbient +5°C to 37°C
Temperature Control±1.0°C
Control ReadoutActual and Set-Point Values
SensorType T Thermocouple
ControllerMicroprocessor based
Calibration CapabilityYes, actual and set values
Cord Length6'

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