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Multi-Purpose Containers


  • Multi-Purpose ContainersThese containers have proven to be virtually indestructible during normal use.
  • High density polyethylene
  • Resistant to boiling and freezing temperatures (+100°C to -100°C).
  • Inert to most lab chemicals including formaldehyde, weak acids, organic solvents, and all bases.
  • Tight-fitting snap-cap lids keep odors in, and minimize chance of leakage.
  • Translucent plastic walls
  • Ideal for long term pathology lab storage of surgical tissue specimens.
  • Sturdy enough for reuse.

Cat. No: UP9108-4F, UP9108-8F, UP9108-8T, UP9108-16, UP9108-32, UP9108-64, UP9108-83, UP9108-165

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