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PCR Tubes


RNASE-Free, DNASE-Free 0.2 ml PCR Tubes0.2ml
Single tubes, 8 strip, 12 strip

  • Manufactured of virgin polypropylene, our PCR tubes were designed for optimal fit in all leading thermal cyclers.
  • The thin wall feature accelerates heat transfer, providing shorter cycle times. This allows for excellent thermal exchange between the block and sample and will withstand the high temperatures associated with denaturation.
  • Single tubes are ideal for those applications that use only a few tubes at a time.
  • Strip of tubes and strip of caps are connected together in strips of 8 or 12
  • convenient loading into 8 x 12 format thermal cyclers.
  • PCR tubes are non-sterile and autoclavable, Certified RNAse DNAse Free

Cat. No.: UP2070NFT (formerly UP2070FT), UP2070 (formerly UP2070N), UP2071 (formerly UP 2071N), UP2072 (formerly UP2072N), UP2073-74

Thinwall PCR Tubes0.6ml
Bag of 1000
Certified RNASE and DNASE free

  • Can withstand normal temperature ranges. Autoclavable
  • Extra Thin, Extra Clear
  • Uniform, accurate, rapid thermal transfer
  • Reduces cycle and PCR reaction time
  • Perfectly round bottom to assure total sample recovery
  • Conforms perfectly to heating wells of leading thermal cyclers
  • Frosted cap for easy identification of sample
  • Injection molded of clear nucleated polypropylene
  • Spinning is not recommended
Cat. No. UP2097FR

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