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Petri Dishes


  • Used for bacteriology and microbiology and more
  • Injection molding from virgin biomedical grade polystyrene provides optical clarity which is maximized by not obstructing visibility with a marking spot on the lid. Write on the lid easily with a grease pencil.
  • Unsurpassed in optical clarity permitting unimpaired observation of dish content- Ideal for micro photography
  • Packaged sterile in easy open bags. Each lot is carefully tested for sterility in accordance with U.S.P. and AAMI guidelines for your protection.
  • Designed with nesting lugs for optimum culture growth and media shelf life.
  • Consistently flat bottoms (no more than 0.005 of an inch off flat from edge to center) assures an even thickness of media and uses less media than dishes with concave bottoms.
Cat. No.: UP 3005SS, UP3005-15, UP3004FS, UP3005SL, UP 3003VSS, UP 3003VFS

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