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Reload Stack



Similar in concept to our Stack Racks, the new Reload Stack utilizes the same Trays of 96 Tips with a completely different Base and Lid.  Instead of the traditional Stack Rack Base and lift-off lid, the Reload Stack is fitted with an open Box Base and a unique hinged lid.  Simply by mounting each consecutive tray onto an open Box Base, the lab tech creates their own MiniRack, as needed.  Then, by slipping the rectangular plastic Lid Ring over the top of any one of the Trays, the MiniRack is then fitted with a folding lid.  This novel lid is self-hinged, and will stay in virtually any position once it is fully flexed open during its first use.  When a Tray of 96 Tips is empty, simply pull off the Hinged Lid, unsnap the Tray from its Box Base, and mount the next rack on the same Base. Because the Base and Lid are continuously reused, this system utilized less plastic resin than other Tip Racks.

Starter Sets:  Starter sets of extra Box Bases and Hinged Lids are included at no charge with initial orders.

All components are fully autoclavable, RNase DNase and Pyrogen Free.

Cat. No.:  UP4244Y, UP4344, UP4244YG, UP4345

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