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SealPlate Film


For Microplates

SealPlate 50um thickness polyester films minimize evaporation, prevent spillage and contamination between wells, and provide a secure seal, not just a cover. Secure sealing of wells eliminates “edge effects” in sensitive ELISA assays. SealPlate films can also be used with tissue-culture plates for short-term storage, incubation, and containment of biohazards. SealPlate films are non-pierceable. Each film measures 79.4 x 146.1 mm. Temperature range from -40 C to +120 C.

SealPlate MiniStrips are identical to the films but are designed for sealing one or two 8-well rows at a time on either strip-well or standard plates whenever rows must be selectively protected or accessed.  Each ministrips film is 19 x 102.9 mm, including two positioning tabs.  The long dimension with tabs removed is 82.6 mm.  Supplied in sheets of 4 from which strips can be peeled individually or two at a time.

SealPlate Color Tab Films include a color dot and white writing area on each end tab for plate ID labeling.  End tabs with backing removed adhere to the ends of the plate and are perforated so they can remain in place to maintain plate identity even if the center portion of the film is removed.  Second tab can also be separated for lab notebook insertion.

Cat. No.: UP2345

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