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ThermalSeal Sealing Film


Sealing film for PCR plates for thermal cycling applications.   -40°C to +120°C.  Certified DNase-, RNase-, and nucleic-acid free.

Classic ThermalSeal – 50um heat-resistant polypropylene film with a 25um layer of acrylic adhesive designed for thermal cycling applications.  Film measures 79.4 x 135.1 mm.  Not pierceable.

ThermalSeal 2 –  Film for flat top plates.  These improved 50um polyester films have a 41um layer of acrylic adhesive.  Offers better adhesion, reduced evaporation, longer end tabs for easy handling, and less tendency to tear during removal from the plate.  Film measures 79.4 x 139.7 mm.  Not pierceable.

ThermalSeal A –  Film for non-real-time PCR raised rim plates.  These films consist of 50um thick clear polypropylene with a thicker 50um layer of a stronger adhesive formulated for improved protection against evaporation and leakage during thermal cycling.  Provides more secure sealing of wells because the center of the film does not extend over the plate rim.  Two end tabs allow for easy positioning and are perforated.  Film measures 77.8 x 135.5 mm.  Each package includes a sealing paddle to ensure a firm seal.

ThermalSeal RT – Film for real-time PCR flat top plates.  Combines an optically transparent polyester sealing film with a strong, ultra-smooth, non-absorbing, non-flourescing, medical-grade adhesive for superior performance in real-time PCR applications.  Plastic liner removed before use.  Film measures 79.4 x 142.9 mm.

ThermalSeal RT2RR – Film for real-time PCR raised rim plates.  50um polyester sealing film sized to fit within the edges of raised rim 96 well plates.  Ultra high optical clarity makes possible more reproducible, reliable, and consistent DNA amplification measurements.  An inert, strong, temp resistant adhesive assures reliable sealing around each well.  Two removable end tabs assist in positioning the film.  Film measures 77.8 x 130.8 mm.

ThermalSeal RTS – Film for real-time qPCR raised rim 96 well plates.  50um polyolefin films with 50um inert encapsulated silicone adhesive.  Optically clear, with low autoflourescense, these films are suited for real-time qPCR, storage, and protein crystallization applications.  The silicone is non-tacky until pressed against the sealing surface.  Adhesive on non-sealing areas of the film, such as directly over sample wells, remains encapsulated and inert.  Sized to fit within the edges of raised rim 96 well plates.  Two end tabs assist in positioning the film on the plate.  Easy removal of the end tabs at perforated boundaries.  Film measures 78.6 x 139.7 mm.

 Cat. No.:  UP 2346, UP 2346-2, UP 2346A, UP 2346RT, UP 2346RT2, UP 2346RTS

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