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Traceable Radio Signal Remote Thermometer


Main unit receives a wireless radio signal from the remote sensor. Place the main unit at your desk/bench. Place the remote sensor at any location. Remote sensor displays temperature and sends the temperature to the main unit. Transmits on a frequency of 433 MHz. Range is up to 100 feet depending on location/wall material. ºF/ºC selectable range is -58.0 to 158.0 ºF and -50.0 to 70.0 ºC. Resolution is 0.1º and accuracy is ±1º C. Splash-proof remote module is supplied with 2 sensors. Use either the internal sensor or plug the external sensor into the module. External sensor (1/4” x 1”) and 10’ cable perform accurately under water.

Main unit’s jumbo 11/4” digits monitor 3 different remote sensor modules. Data is transmitted every 30 seconds. Main unit’s trend indicator shows if temperature is rising/falling. Min/Max memory readout allows monitoring conditions over any time period. Alarms may be set to sound for each module when the temperature rises above/falls below the set point. Furnished with a flip-open stand, wall bracket, and VelcroTM to attach to any surface. Supplied with Traceable® Certificate, 1 main unit (41/4 x 41/2 x 1/2”, 6 oz), 1 remote sensor module (21/4 x 31/2 x 3/4”, 3 oz), external probe/cable, and batteries.

Cat. No.: UP-9163, UP-9163A, UP-9163B, UP-9163C

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