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Traceable® Total Range Thermometer



  • Range is -328 to 2498 degrees F and -200 to 1370 degrees C
  • Resolution of 0.1 degree and 1 degree
  • Accuracy: ±1 degree C between -50 degrees C to 740 degrees C, otherwise ±2 degrees C

Jumbo-size, 5/8-inch-high digits are readable from 10 feet away. Unit features HOLD button that “freezes” display to capture current reading. Batteries power unit for 1 year of routine use. A microprocessor updates the display twice a second. This rugged unit is constructed of shock-resistant ABS plastic. Water-resistant case is sealed with an O-ring gasket to stop dirt, dust, fumes, and water. Use with all Type-K probes.

Memories, alarms, min/max and timer. At the touch of a button, recall minimum and maximum temperature readings captured during any time. Alarm function may be set in 1 increments. Alarm sounds when the temperature rises above or falls below high/low set points. Countup timer alarm may be set from 23 hours 59 minutes to 1 minute. It sounds when time is reached. Back-lighting button permits reading in dark areas. Traceable to NIST for accuracy. Comes ready to use with PVC protective casing with flip-out stand; Traceable Certificate; three AAA batteries; and fast-response, Type-K beaded probe with cable length of 4 feet. Size is 31/4 x 7 x 11/2 inches.

Cat. No. UP-9194

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